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Default Edna Cloud

I previously tried to create some interest in "cloud computing" as facilitated by
But I note that of over 20 readers only one my dear and reliable friend Jimmy Jones managed to respond.
Good on Yer jj
I did say I would provide some backgound
which I will now do
I have previously posted about the tiny computer I have successfully used to keep in touch whilst away from home the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet.

This however suffers from being Linux not Windows and the small display size necessitates much scrolling and also
it only has the painful to use on screen keyboard
However in Toronto its built in wifi connection meant that I had internet access in November in the Pantages hotel opposite Massey Hall and similarly previously in August in London and Paris and September in San Antonio TX.
I have also trumpeted my Acer Ferrari notebook

which whilst looking gorgeous is fairly heavy and large and it suffers from a serious internal disorder that means its battery life is barely 15 minutes so it is not really portable
I have also made much use of my 1998 made HP Jornada 820 Handheld PCs

These are the ideal size and weight for toting around and have fantastic keyboards and a terrific 10 hour battery life and instant on/off but they inevitably suffer from the obsolete Windows CE Operating system and a unique processor architecture that limits the available programs that may be run.But they do have a Compact Flash port and an early use of a USB port which once I found how to load an old USB driver is quite usable.Essential as it has very small (16 or 32MB)
RAM so it is all too easy to let the battery die which means anything stored on their desktops which are in the RAM vanishes
Although I have used the built in dial up modem I have not yet been able to tame a PC card wifi connection
I recently decided that what I really wanted was one of the new Netbooks, and I was mildly anoyed that the week after I bought the defective Acer Ferrari Acer released a souped up Ferrari badged and coloured version of their small Acer One netbook
The two problems were that it was hard to find anybody actually selling one and when I did the premium for the Ferrari name was excessive and as I soon discovered Acer's "service" was unbelievably worse than Sony's
"Sorry Sir but your 5 years old computer is so much out of warranty that we can only help you if you buy a $60 dollar per half hour calling card.
But my experience with HP Jornadas and printers has made me an HP fan so when in January a Technical Newsletter alerted me to a new range of HP Mini netbooks Model 210 at $329 with the latest Windows 7 I was immediately interested.
I eventually won one on Ebay for $371 delivered in my preferred colour (Sonoma Red) a nice large 250GB Hard drive and the larger battery promising 9.5 hours life
Although it has a 2 inch diagonal larger screen than a Jornada 820 it is only about 1 inch wider and is thinner and just a tiny bit heavier soit is an ideal succesor to the Jornada

when I checked the specs at:-
I was impressed to learn that my 210 would have access to "HP cloud drive" for extra online storage and sure enough when it arrived on its desktop was an HP Cloud drive shortcut icon that opened a registration process with zumodrive and a program download and which later became a signing in point
Having installed the program on the Ferrari and my main desktop I now have a Z drive shared by all three computers
So as you can see the zumodrive system works amazingly and exceedingly usefully for me
but the basic free storage alowance is only 1GB
Much more generous is the apparent equivalent system with 30GB offered by
which also allows six different accounts and which I now obviously have to investigate.
Never a dull moment!!
I meant no one no harm

"Sir" John Fowles Bt
(where Sir does not signify that I am a fully benighted Knight just a Bt which signifies a humble Baronet)

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Default Re: Edna Cloud

Hmmm great... how can you make these brilliant ideas. If you need any type of help;please don's hesitate..... i am always available..

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Old 06-29-2010, 07:04 AM   #3
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Default Re: Edna Cloud

i am really impressed. thanks for your posting
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Old 06-29-2010, 07:05 AM   #4
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Default Re: Edna Cloud

Waw.. great products. now in IT world; Companies are try to give best product day by day....
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