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Old 07-05-2007, 03:26 PM   #1
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Whilst not wishing to appear overtly racist or xenophobic.I have to say that an Irish related item on google news (UK edition) today aroused my mirth as a new twist on Irish gullability
A newspaper report similarly Irish is at:-
and is headlined
"Irish firm promise to display 'free-energy' machine"
there is a youtube video on the page entitled
"How Free Energy Works"
which is at:-
Steorn's chief executive, Sean McCarthy on YouTube
I noted that if I searched youtube for Mr MCCarthy there were 70 plus results the majority concerning such subjects as
"Sean McCarthy Performing Live at the Secret Society Comedy Show at the Paper Heart Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona"
so obviously the inventor's dopplelganger is something of a joker too
as a local learned scientist put it
"Dr Gleb Gribakin from the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Queen's University Belfast dismisses the claims. He said: "For a physicist any claim of free energy is highly suspicious. The concept is close to that of perpetuum mobile (perpetual motion).
"It is a well known historical fact that numerous suggestions of perpetuum mobile always proved to be false."
Another expert from Houston gave a far more likely reason for this strange announcement and opined that it is in effect just a bold publicity stunt
"The company promises to stream live footage of the Orbo in operation from its website
but the demo" page linked to explains:-
"Important update on the Kinetica demo:

We are experiencing some technical difficulties with the demo unit in London. Our initial assessment indicates that this
is probably due to the intense heat from the camera lighting."
Oh yus.Try my other leg the one that does not have bells on!
would not such intense heat be supplying a useful source of energy
what do you think people.
I wait with bated breath for the usual erudite explanation from geoSteve !!!

there is also an "update" by Mr McCarthy at:-

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Old 07-06-2007, 08:58 AM   #2
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Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: New Jersey U.S.A. ex UK and Canada
Posts: 4,851
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Developments today the opening pge has been rewritten and in a new link to News the announcement now is
"Steorn announcement: Kinetica Demonstration
Further to Steorn’s announcement yesterday (5th July) regarding the technical difficulties experienced during the installation of its “Orbo” technology at the Kinentica Museum in London, Steorn has decided to postpone the demonstration until further notice.
Sean McCarthy CEO stated that “technical problems arose during the installation of the demonstration unit in the display case on Wednesday evening. These problems were primarily due to excessive heat from the lighting in the main display area. Attempts to replace those parts affected by the heat led to further failures and as a result we have to postpone the public demonstration until a future date.”
He continued that “we apologise for the inconvenience caused to all the people who had made arrangements to visit the demonstration or were planning on viewing the demonstration online.”
Over the next few weeks the company will explore alternative dates for the public demonstration."
so any of you Brits who were hot foot on their way to the aborted/abortive demonstration can now return home to bed
but watch out under Press Releases I read:-
Steorn cancels Christmas!
In lieu of a Christmas party this year, Steorn has made a donation to the Chernobyl Aid Hope Project
24 December 2005
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