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Old 11-08-2022, 07:52 PM   #1
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Default 1962 - Lightfoot and The Two Tones - Audio CD

U.S. site -

CANADIAN site - not available from Canada..

U.K. site - check online..

Canada's most successful contemporary Folk artist, Gordon Lightfoot, is frequently referred to as that nation's greatest songwriter. However, once he'd finally "made it" in the late 1960s, he immediately set about trying to distance himself from much of his early recording career. Indeed, when a compilation LP titled Early Lightfoot - comprising his first solo recordings, from a pair of Spring 1962 Nashville sessions - appeared in 1971, he is rumoured to have bought up all known copies and destroyed them. The story may of course be apocryphal, but those rare-as-hens-teeth recordings are included herein in their entirety, augmented by a 45rpm and live album which Lightfoot had recorded a couple of months earlier, with singer/guitarist Terry Whelan, in a short-lived Folk duo called The Two Tones. This material is all exceptionally rare, and has never previously been thus compiled; the majority of these sides are impossible to find elsewhere on CD.

Track Listings
1 Gord Lightfoot - (Remember Me) I'm the One
2 Gord Lightfoot - Daisy-Doo
3 Gord Lightfoot - Negotiations
4 Gord Lightfoot - It's Too Late, He Wins
5 Gord Lightfoot - Adios, Adios (I'll Meet You in Michoacan)
6 Gord Lightfoot - Is My Baby Blue Tonight
7 Gordie Lightfoot - Day Before Yesterday
8 Gordie Lightfoot - Take Care of Yourself
9 Gordon Lightfoot - Sleep Little Jane
10 Gordon Lightfoot - This Is My Song
11 Gordon Lightfoot - Long Haired Woman
12 The Two Tones - Lessons in Love
13 The Two Tones - Sweet Polly
14 The Two Tones - Station Breaks / Safety Checks
15 The Two Tones - We Come Here to Sing
16 The Two Tones - Fast Freight
17 The Two Tones - the Fox
18 The Two Tones - Dark As a Dungeon
19 The Two Tones - Sinnerman
20 The Two Tones - This Is My Song
21 The Two Tones - Kilgarry Mountain
22 The Two Tones - Calypso Baby
23 The Two Tones - Summer Love
24 The Two Tones - Children Go Where I Send Thee
25 The Two Tones - Copper Kettle
26 The Two Tones - Lord I'm So Weary
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Old 11-10-2022, 09:18 AM   #2
Andy T.
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Default Re: 1962 - Lightfoot and The Two Tones - Audio CD

While there is one track on there that I have not heard, I do wonder if it's just like someone took the recordings I already have on my computer and put them onto a CD?

Still, for those who have NOT been gathering this sort of content for decades, this might be a good thing to have. There's not a whole lot of Gord-penned songs on there, but I hope he gets royalties from them.
"May this world find a resting place... where Peaceful Waters flow..."
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Old 11-10-2022, 02:38 PM   #3
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Default Re: 1962 - Lightfoot and The Two Tones - Audio CD

Thank you, Char for the info. I successfully ordered it on Amazon. Like Andy said, I have heard some bootlegs of these songs. I bought the CD because of the likely update of sound quality and to keep my Lightfoot CD library complete.

I remember reading stories about Lightfoot in the early 1970's would take an axe to boxes of some of his early recordings. But at his stage in life, the release of this CD is hardly a big deal. His career and legacy are firmly established.
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