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Old 08-28-2010, 05:58 PM   #1
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Default Gordon in Mobile

Just returned from the concert in Mobile, where events got off to a little shaky start, meaning that at 6:55 for a 7 pm central start, the audience was only about 25% per seated, the first five rows having only 5 people seated. With the water and tuned guitars in place, the theater was about half full, but when Gordon took the stage, he had no problem with it, was grateful that people came out on a Thursday night. I was never so glad to see latecomers, who eventually brought the audience up to about two-thirds full but rows of seats were empty for the duration of the evening.
Gordon said that he has played every major and almost every secondary market and club in the United States but he never expected to play in Mobile, was very happy to do so. He said he hoped that people would find his material both entertaining and interesting. Fortunately, the crowd made up in enthusiasm for what they lacked in numbers.

The program was about what has been reported here lately with Rainy Day People having been rotated out of the first half. Toward the end of the concert, Gordon was announcing his next song that was written in Cleveland during a rain storm, when the audience started shouting out Rainy Day People! Gordon turned to Terry who was all set to go with his capo on about the fifth fret and said, softly, Rainy Day People. Terry was unsure what to do but Gordon repeated Rainy Day People, so Terry moved the capo to about the second fret, started playing, and even though nobody had looked at or spoken to Barry, Rick or Mike, they joined in, never missed a beat, played the song flawlessly. I love it when they can handle someting spontaneous with such professionalism and perfection. And the audience really loved Gordon's immediate response, followed by Song for a Winter's Night. That band is a finely tuned instrument, no pun intended.

Gordon said that this was an easy trip, 12 days, 10 concerts, 2 days off smoking and watching television in the hotel room. And then they flew back to Ontario . . . until next time.
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Dream Street Rose
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Default Re: Gordon in Mobile

Sunshine, thank you for the very nice review.

I'm much too young to feel this damn old.
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Default Re: Gordon in Mobile

thanks for the report...Sounds like a fine time and a nice bonus of hearing Rainy Day People.
they all came home to a lovely, sunny day, around 84 degrees here in Toronto AND the Blue Jays beat Detroit!
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Default Re: Gordon in Mobile

What a great story.

Impressive improv of Rainy Day People.

Thanks for the post.

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