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Old 10-31-2000, 02:38 PM   #1
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I was just curious what everyone here thought about Napster and if anyone uses it.

I use it primarily to look for live concerts and stuff that isn't widely available. Yeah, I have downloaded a whole album before, but it was by a band that probably won't feel the pinch.

So I just downloaded something from Gordon called "Live Sunday Concert" which is exactly what it says it is and doesn't seem to be available on CD anyway. It looks like there's more assorted live songs here and there, but I generally don't bother unless I can find a whole show to download (for any band).

I know the topic has been debated to death, but I was just wondering what everyone (anyone) here thought about it. After all, who knows how much longer we'll be able to use it?

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Old 11-02-2000, 08:02 PM   #2
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I love Napster. I have discovered so many classic songs of today & yesteryear. I just downloaded "Sparkle & Shine" by THE CLIQUE. It only reached #100 on the chart in 1970, but it was written by Tommy James so I wanted to hear it. It really is a good song! Thats what I love about Napster, any song you can think of you can usually find. I just read at that BMG has joined with Napster to create a member-based community. I am willing to pay a monthly fee for this service(as long as it is reasonable). I love music more than Cable TV & I pay $28 a month for that service. We'll see what happens next.

"...If YoU fEeL iT yOu BeTtEr BeLiEvE iT, yOu'Re GoNnA sEe It, YoU nEeD tO kNoW/iT iS rIsInG lIkE a FeAtHeR, dIpPiNg & DaNcInG fRoM bElOw/ThErE's A nEw WaVe ThAt Is BrEaKiNg In ThE wAkE oF a PaSsInG sHiP/eVeRy NaTiOn'S gOnNa Be ShAkEn, PuT iT tOgEtHeR, dOn'T lEt It SlIp..."
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