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Default Re: You Know You're a (your state) resident if...

jj & Char,

stuff...steve, the CNE is a Canada thing, not just Tranna, lol...btw, they have a Pacific National Ex out in's called the PNE, get it? lol
does the VP become Pres if he were to pass on? we don't have a VP up here... the US elections are complex to me...I'd nominate someone who
Hey I fell out of touch with the thread.....just now reading up on the EX definitions, and you two describing the area. The history , like the Battle of York etc, is pretty fascinating. I guess we all have our own areas of knowledge, but I am impressed by what you two know.

jj, as a US citizen, I am embarrassed to say that while I am sure I had to know it for a test in middle school or something, I did NOT know shots were fired on our White House in after the late 1700's and of course after Rev war settled down. but 1813 ?? wow... I have read that The White House , when originally established, was by choice of the first President to live in "it", Adams I believe, but thats a S.W.A.G., and theyhad to pay for their own house maintenance, gardening, cleaning, cooks, everything back then (poor babies just like us regular folk) not like now.

Then the 'staff' was like 9 people, now its over 800 I believe, and the Pres sure as He** does not have to pay for it.
And talk about a pension ! Full pres pay the rest of their natural life - in Clinton's case, I am not sure how 'natural' that is though lol....

jj you asked if the VP passed on to Pres if and when the Pres. died etc. I know Ron answered this well, but I have one iota more; first Ron's expl.

Yes, the VP becomes president if the president is removed from office by death, scandal, or is mentally disabled (such as a massive stroke).
AND, since EVERYTHING in the movies has to be real, or they couldn't put it on TV There was a movie I am sure you saw with Harrison Ford as Pres. and Glenn Close as VP,' Airforce One' the name. In it was an intrigueing (don't misinterpret that lol) concept I had not thought of, that built on the facts Ron xplained corekkit. In the movie - when the Pres is making the decision to call the Russians and 'just TELL them to take fictitious leader Col. Molestin Yaburpin or whatever the joint USA-Russian War criminal -Terrorist ringleader composite of multiple real life terrorist leaders as in media at the time, and TEll the Russians to let him out, as the cause de celebre for the hijackers, it was stated in the "Situation Room" at the White House, or the Pentagon, they did not make that clear, the Attorney General and the Secretary of State concurred the Pres was NOT the Pres if a quorum of Cabinet Members voted he was not.

In this case, under duress, and not ACTING in the position of Pres, but as a father, lest the FirstLady, and the First Child (lol) be, well, killed. They were passing around the signed affadavit or whatever for Cabinet to sign saying the Pres is not the Pres, thereby making the VP Pres. under circumstances where the Pres was completely "Healthy". I found that interesting, and do not know if it is true. I well imagine it is, eg if the Pres goes on a binder and dances naked on the Lincoln Memorial, in theory, during a crisis, they could rule him "not the pres".

And to simply vouch for Ron's clear "yes" - I'd add that yes, the VP is in 1st Chain of succession, and also (God help us) the Official Head of The Space Program - little known fact. And by the time you get down to the 12th in line, its pretty scarey, like "Chief Seafood Cook' LOL. Oh - in the movie - Glen Close refuses ,as the pivotal last signature, to vote "no" - eg the Pres is STILL the Pres. - and her choice of course rang correct at the end.

BTW - I also appreciate as Podunk said too, the great amount of info and history you guys shared with us; the pics, the stories, macro and micro history for you up there.... very interesting. And Disney World/Epcot etc., to me, IS the happiest place on Earth - except for The Library of Congress, and in specific (the - I have 7 maps on file there in The International ESRI GIS Conference Map and Related Analytical Project Collections.

I placed among 60 - 73 countries, and around 6000 attendees one year, 8000-odd the other year my map and project placed in Plenary session, in 2 different years, 2nd one year, and 3rd place the other, for "Most Analytical Map and Research Project(Paper). Out of all those countries of VASTLY superior Cartographers and Spatial Analysts; I was astounded., truly astonished - from what I saw, I should not have had a prayer. Life is with some Happy Surprises a few times here and there huh ?

Not bragging, just incredibly proud, its 2 of the 3 times I have felt I have truly served my country - (feeling), that heart-swelling genuine Pride, not Hubris.... feeling. Just by having something there that was first on exhibition, then placed into collection in a temp, moisture, and related map hazards-free room i.e. UV light, acetic acid etc., is what made me so proud, and unexpectedly, in and of itself, make me feel patriotic ? - It sure did. Well that was a bit off thread and not meant to be just sorta fit together in context spontaneously.

Well, lol Disney - yes - that place is truly magical, especially when you take your family - seeing it thru children's eyes is genuine magic, and amazing through adults eyes as well... I could have lived there when I visited on my 5 month "sabbatical" when I was still a bachelor. I was actually 'bumming it" or "dead-headding it" - but I did it on money I saved working Lumber Mill. I truly did want to live there, it was

But returning home, geographically and in my heart both - I met Merry within 2 weeks of returning to my little Mountain Burg at 8000 ft in Estes. And Podunk knows all the CCC stuff up there in and around RMNP. Meeting and Marrying Merry there - plucked her right off of a genuine big Ranch - Crocker Ranch - they still exist...made a "grown honest man" out of me, otherwise, - I think I would have been a kid at heart and in actions the rest of my life.... I was truly blessed to have met her. 28 wonderful years, medical hardship for her at the end nowithstanding. Weird what all blends together when people start talking nostalgic memories around you, that come to mind

Again, thanks you 2 for the VERY interesting History, and the obvious shared fun and memory bonds of childhood memories there. I hereby drink a toast (of diet pepsi Lime) to Ever-lasting Canada-USA peaceful relations ! HERE HERE,,ahem.. or Hear Hear, whichever it is. I got to go to toastmasters club.
I enjoyed all your
~geo Steve . :"I will leave my footprints there to lie beneath the snow" ~gl
Quote to ponder: "A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single deed." ~ Henrik Ibsen
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