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Old 08-23-2007, 12:26 PM   #1
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Default How to SHOUT on the forums

As well as displaying clickable thumbnails four other new VBcodes allow you to vary the text formatting as additional options
as described on the vbcode page at:-
to the earlier UBB ones that enabled only bold and italic tags
  1. a similar underline is now available
    this text is underlined
  2. and you can call up a range of text colors using this tag syntax
    [ color=Option ]
    where "value" is the text you want show in colo(u)r
    and "option" is a color name (see below)
    (as with all BB codes it is essential that there are no spaces betwen the [ ] and the instruction AND the item to be coded hence the tag above should be [color=option])
    those who know about HTML will know that there are in fact
    140 COLORNAMES each associated with a Hexadecimal code WTF is that
    for the HTML names and hexadecimal values for the 140 colors recognized by web browsers
    I have experimented and in fact the list of color names that VBcode supports is limited to the basic 16 as per this table extracted from the relevant wiki which has much to say about the use of color on the web at:-

    Note in order to read that screenshot properly click as suggested to enlarge it to see the full sized file
    1. aqua aqua
    2. black black
    3. blue blue
    4. fuschia fuschia
    5. green green
    6. gray gray
    7. lime lime
    8. maroon maroon
    9. navy navy
    10. olive olive
    11. purple purple
    12. red red
    13. silver silver
    14. teal teal
    15. white white
    16. yellow yellow

    Note three things
    1. The first four of the 16 colors obviously are excluded leaving you with a nice choice of 12
    2. As HTML was (presumably) US originated Brits Canucks and others will have to swallow their pride and prejudices and play along by mispelling "color" and "gray"
    3. Obviously blue/navy and white are of limited use because the two available forum "styles" are the original white on blue and the "default" black text on a white background
  3. a range of text sizes is now available
    this text is two sizes larger than normal

    Note that there seems to be just the one two times size option whereas the equivalent HTML size tag allows for 6 total text sizes
  4. a choice of text font is offered
along the lines of the equivalent HTML "font families" explains WTF that is
The usual 3 are
serif; sans serif; monospace and cursive represented respectively most usually by times,arial.courier and probably Comic Sans MS
this text is in a monospace font (courier new)
this text is in a serif font (times or Times New Roman?)
this text is in a sans serif font (arial most likely?)
this text is probably in a cursive font (Comic Sans MS???)
ASIDE, one of the things you quickly learn when studying HTML is that the font that will be displayed on the average punter's computer depends entirely on what you specify and moreover on what fonts his computer has installed . bearing in mind if you can that there can be differences betwen PCs and MACs.
Ron M if you'd like another instant headache go read:-
OK OK enough already I hope this gives corfidites who have got this far some food for thought
John Fowles if you really want to shout your message you can use the lot
Times bold red largest size underlined!!

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Default Re: How to SHOUT on the forums

Florian is tending his garden and lawn...
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Default Re: How to SHOUT on the forums

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Default Re: How to SHOUT on the forums

Sir John, you STILL have one wild sense of humour.
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