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Default Zinio digital magazine versions

First of all I have to state that I have no connection with this organisation , other than as a very satisfied customer.
The reason I am a customer is that a couple of years ago following a google search to find a means of removing a virus, I found the answer on a forum at the UK internet Magazine
Web User
and decided to subscribe to this magazine (which is issued every fortnight (two weeks for you Americans)
I had two years of the printed copy, and found something of interest and use computerwise in every issue, but the only problem was the fantastically efficient (I don't think) efforts of the UK Royal Mail and the United States Postal Service, who took far too long to deliver from the UK and have a reprehensible habit of losing copies along the way. See below
Eventually in one issue I noted that it was also available in a digitally downloadable version from
and not only is each copy available for download the day before the official newstand date but a number of missed back issues were purchaseable on line (plus a few to replace printed copies that had inevitably gone walkabout)
with my first digital issue I downloaded the Zinio Reader and Download Manager. The reader is simply amazing you use arrows or a slider to get to desired pages (every page of the printed copy is there including advertisments) or use internet style hyperlinks on the contents page to go directly to any article or to any linked internet site featured in an article.
Once on a page there is a zoom control so that everything can be clearly seen and read.
Although to be honest it is not really as easy as holding a printed copy.
another minor drawback for me is that as I was curtly informed in a phone call they had no plans to cover Linux
(the Operating System plus the Opera browser that is standard issue on my WiFi equipped Nokia N800
Internet Tablet and many of the new "mini-notebooks"
I did not ask if they had covered MACs
It is by way of compensation easy to save every issue for future reference as a complete file that has varied between 8940KB (8.72MB) and 33,069KB (32.2MB) per Web User issue.
Although (I think for copyright reasons) you cannot save individual pages,
any page can be printed or a screenshot made (using Gadwin Printscreen.
However the icing on the cake is that there was a significant saving on the annual Subscription charge.
Once subscribed there is a facility to redownload any previous issues up to three times at no extra charge
Another must have magazine for me is one that, as a qualified Aeronautical Engineer and lifelong plane-spotter I have been receiving first in Canada then the UK and now New Jersey for well over 40 years Aviation Week And Space Technology. I was therefore delighted to see an announcement in an issue a few months ago that paid subscribers could also get the digital version for free, which upon investigation I found as I hoped was also via the Zinio system. As the mighty USPS had at the time failed to deliver three consecutive printed issues and often deliver up to two weeks late this proved very handy.
And there is more!!
Today's crop of emails included one from Zinio subject:-
"Important Information About Your Zinio Account"
in which I read (below a note regarding automtic subscription renewals):-

New feature added: Zinio has recently released a new product feature called Zinio INSIDE. Zinio INSIDE is Free. It gives you the ability to search 50 million pages of content and read and/or share any article or ad you find 3 clicks or less. For more information on Zinio INSIDE, or to try it now click here

New cost saving option: Based on popular demand, Zinio has introduced 99 cent back-issue pricing. Get any back issue of your favorite magazines for just 99 cents. Build your own digital archive, or just select your favorite issues. Choose from Saveur, PC Magazine, Ski Magazine, Transworld Snowboarding or over 500 other issues. Shop now and enjoy "
that "click here" took me to:-
the Zinio Search page
I scrolled down below the sample screenshots to find the search box
I naturally searched for our hero and was gratified to reach a results page where I ws presented with 629 results in assorted magazines one of which was

I found the page reluctant to load on both dial-up and high speed cable but eventually I could scroll through that new Maclean issue

where on page 79 is the article on Ian Tyson headed by a fine picture and a plaintive headline :-

Click the "thumbnail" above for a larger version (if you so wish)

the GL reference is

OK that should give everybody much food for thought.
Try searching for your pet subject, in 50 million magazine pages it must be there somewhere!!

OK sorry for repeating information that has already been posted about Mr Tyson in an earlier thread here but having spent ages composing and then correcting this I'm blowed if I'm gonna waste it, so there
"Sir" John Fowles Bt
Honorary Curator Bootleg Museum

(where Sir does not signify that I am a fully benighted Knight just a Bt which signifies a humble Baronet -?? read the wiki!)
I meant no one no harm
Once inside we found a curious moonbeam
Doing dances on the floor

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