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Old 04-16-2009, 04:08 PM   #1
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Default I'm now East of Midnight...

... in terms of Lightfoot albums bought and listened to. I had to step my buying programme up a notch after the catalogue suddenly got deleted.

My observations on East of Midnight: there are some really good songs on here and I really like the record, however, I don't think I'd know the songs were that good if I hadn't heard a bunch of them performed in stripped down acoustic forms already. I think the album is really over produced, not to the point of destroying the songs but it does distract. And I think maybe it was interesting for Gord to make this one complete departure in his sound. To my mind though Salute was much more tastefully produced by Dean Parks. It was modern but very understated and really focused on the guitar. Midnight has a bit too much going on for me.

My highlights: Morning Glory, East of Midnight, A Lesson In Love, Let It Ride and I'll Tag Along.

I'll Tag Along is very simply produced and stands out the best. A Lesson In Love (in it's stripped down live acoustic version) is one of the best songs Gord ever wrote.

Waiting For You next!
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Default Re: I'm now East of Midnight...

the liner notes on the cd admit that it has a different sound. he did an acoustic benefit show in 1987 which had a few stripped down versions of the EOM songs. Waiting for you is a returm to the old school lightfoot!

New York, NY
Folkworks WNEW Folkfest - September 13, 1987


Spanish Moss
The Last Time I Saw Her
I'll Tag Along
East Of Midnight
A Lesson In Love
Morning Glory
Chrisrian Island
Don Quixote
If You Could Read My Mind
The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
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