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Default Patty Andrews

Patty Andrews of the Andrews Sisters girl group passed away today at 94 years old. The Andrews Sisters were at the height of their popularity during WW II, providing a diversion from the horrors of the war, and the difficulties economically at the home front.
Their singing style with tight harmonies and great volume caused some jealousies from the early big-band leaders, but the innovation caught on.
The Andrews Sisters were pioneers - or at least the most successful at bringing the genre to mainstream acceptance.
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Default Re: Patty Andrews

I just read this after logging on to te internet @ IMDB.

" Patty Andrews died of natural causes at her home in the Los Angeles suburb of Northridge, family spokesman Alan Eichler told the Associated Press. She formed the group with her sisters Laverne and Maxine in the late 1930s."
To put it in my own words,I discovered The Andrews Sisters at age 9 or 10 when in San Diego,California (1977-1980) I would watch "Abbott & Costello" movies on then independent Channel 6 XETV (now a CW affiliate).

I saw them in "Buck Privates" performing "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" and other songs. It made me see that girls/women/females could be just as musical & hamonious as male singers and just cool in general. Also,it lead me to listen to not only them but other big-baad swing acts.

When Patty (on B.W.B.Boy) would get tot he line "boogie woogie rhythm",and sing it in the hard manner that she did,it was like a pre-cursor to female performers of the future. I now have both a CD and vinyl album of all their best.

I recall that both Mama's Family and TAXI both did send-ups of the group. On "M.F." they lip-synched to the above listed song and on TAXI,Alex,Tony and Latka sang (in their own voices,"Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen",while dressed as them.

In my view,The Andrews Sisters should be in the R & R hall of Fame as an early influence on,not just female performers but all performers.
The had a unique style and now it's truly the ned of an era,most feel is long gone already. She would have been 95,16 days from now (2/16/13).

RIP Patty. (and Maxine and Laverne). Truly,The Andrews Sisters will always be legendary.
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