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Default Peter, Paul and Mary

Gordon Lightfoot, by all written accounts that I've read, credits the folk group Peter, Paul and Mary for being among those who helped him get a leg up in his career.

My mother and an uncle brought folk music to my impressionable ears when I was a kid in the early 1960's, and while my head was turned to hear "I'm Not Sayin' " on the radio, Peter, Paul and Mary appeared in our living room - in the form of two vinyl albums. There was of course "Puff, The Magic Dragon" and "Lemon Tree", but the tune that got me to my soul was "Autumn To May". I found the lyrics for that wistful little tune somewhere on the internet and printed them off. Found a vinyl album of theirs in Nelson, BC a couple of months ago for less than eight dollars, but I can't play it right now - no phonograph.
Mary Travers sang with such emotion, especially on songs like "Leavin' On a Jet Plane", which is still a tear-jerker today.

They recorded a couple of Gord's tunes and certainly did them justice.

They say that the good ol' days weren't really that good, but I do think back to those evenings with the record player on listening to PP&M, and the imagery of a snail changing to a bird, and bird to butterfly....
"This time tomorrow we might all be packed and gone.
I believe it's best we carry on..."
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Default Re: Peter, Paul and Mary

They provided me with my first shot of Lightfoot when they covered For Lovin' Me and then followed it up with Early Morning Rain.
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