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Old 10-16-2008, 12:18 PM   #1
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Default There is still one Titanic survivor!!

I just read this article and thought how sad and then hoped that either James Cameron, Celine Dion, Leonard de Caprio or the composer of that "endless song" might see it and react appropriately

Last Titanic survivor Millvina Dean sells mementoes to pay for care

Millvina Dean, 96, the last Titanic survivor

I meant no one no harm

"Sir" John Fowles Bt
(where Sir does not signify that I am a fully benighted Knight just a Bt which signifies a humble Baronet)
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Jesse Joe
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Default Re: There is still one Titanic survivor!!

Last Titanic survivor sells mementoes

Published Friday October 17th, 2008

British woman needs cash to pay nursing home fees


LONDON - Millvina Dean was only two months old when she was wrapped in a sack and lowered into a lifeboat from the doomed Titanic. Now 96, the last survivor of the tragic sinking is selling mementoes of the disaster to help pay her nursing home fees.

The Associated Press

Millvina Dean

Rescued from the bitterly cold Atlantic on that April 1912 night, Dean, her two-year-old brother and her mother were taken to New York with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Before returning home to England, they were given a small wicker suitcase of donated clothing, a gift from New Yorkers to help them rebuild their lives.
Now, Dean is selling the suitcase and other Titanic mementoes to help pay her nursing home fees. They are expected to go for the equivalent of about C$6,200 at an auction of Titanic memorabilia Saturday in Devizes in western England.
Among the items are rare prints of the Titanic and letters from the Titanic Relief Fund offering her mother one pound, seven shillings and sixpence a week in compensation.
But the key item in the sale is the suitcase, said auctioneer Andrew Aldridge. "They would have carried their little world in this suitcase," he said yesterday.
Dean has lived at Woodlands Ridge, a private nursing home in the southern city of Southampton -- Titanic's home port -- since she broke her hip two years ago.
"I am not able to live in my home anymore," Dean was quoted as telling the Southern Daily Echo newspaper. "I am selling it all now because I have to pay these nursing home fees and am selling anything that I think might fetch some money."
A spokeswoman for Woodlands Ridge said Dean was too tired Thursday to speak to The Associated Press.
She said rooms at the nursing home cost about $1,200 to $1,850 a week, depending on the level of care the resident needs, but declined to discuss Dean's situation, saying it was a private matter.
Although Britain has a free health care system, private providers offer more comprehensive services for a fee. In the case of nursing homes, state-run facilities are available and cost much less than private ones. But they are more spartan and offer fewer amenities, such as shared rooms and no private TVs.
Local authorities often pay a portion of the costs of private nursing home care based on an individual's assets. Anyone with more than about $46,000 in assets has to pay their own fees.
In 1912, baby Elizabeth Gladys (Millvina) Dean and her family were steerage passengers emigrating to Kansas City, Mo., aboard the Titanic.
Four days out of port, on the night of April 14, 1912, the ship hit an iceberg and sank. Billed as "practically unsinkable" by the publicity magazines of the period, the Titanic did not have enough lifeboats for all 2,200 passengers and crew.
Dean, her mother Georgetta and brother Bertram Jr. were among 706 people -- mostly women and children -- who were rescued by the steamship Carpathia and survived. Her father, Bertram Dean, was among more than 1,500 who died.
Dean did not know she had been aboard the Titanic until she was eight years old, when her mother, who was about to remarry, told her about her father's death.
She has no memories of the sinking and said she preferred it that way.
"I wouldn't want to remember, really," she told The Associated Press in a 1997 interview.
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