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Old 09-19-2011, 07:55 PM   #1
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Default Duluth, MN - Set List September 18

Hello once again everyone-

The three-day marathon of Minnesota concerts concluded in dreary, foggy Duluth Sunday night. I arrived at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center- Symphony Hall, where I have seen Gord perform 4 or 5 times over the years.

I know the economy has been hit very hard in northeastern Minnesota and the Sunday night crowd showed it. The main level was not completely full, and I would guess there were maybe 100 in the balcony. Part of it is also the aging (and mortality) of the LIghtfoot fan base. "This time tomorrow, we might all be packed and gone."

The crowd had a few obnoxious people who couldn't handle their alcohol. But otherwise, the show started pretty promptly. I had great seats, a few rows back in front of Michael.

Here's the set list:

1) Sweet Guinevere
2) Did She Mention My Name
3) 14 Karat Gold
4) Never Too Close
5) A Painter Passing Through
6) In My Fashion
7) Rainy Day People
8) Shadows
9) Beautiful
10) Carefree Highway
11) Cotton Jenney
12) Ribbon of Darkness
13) Sundown
14) The Watchman's Gone
15) Alberta Bound


16) Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
17) Clouds of Loneliness
18) Don Quixote
19) Let It Ride
20) Fine as Fine Can Be
21) If You Could Read My Mind
22) Baby Step Back
23) Restless
24) Early Morning Rain
25) Song for a Winter's Night
26) Encore: Blackberry Wine

The concert was enjoyable, but not especially memorable. Gord remembered the twin ports of Duluth-Superior was the starting point for the final trip of the Fitzgerald- now so many years ago. He politely thanked the audience when the compliments were shouted out loud.

If I have one observation of the three concerts, was how much I appreciated the sound mix. Gord's 12-string was very crisp and clear at the beginning of the Fitzgerald and several others.

Had a terrible trip back. Thick fog and road construction. Got home at 1:30 a.m. and was at work by 9:00 a.m. I'd write more, but I'm dog tired.

Looking forward to reading other reviews: I didn't get "Old Dan's Records" or "Triangle", but 35 different songs over three nights- hey, I'll take it.


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Old 09-20-2011, 04:01 AM   #2
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Default Re: Duluth, MN - Set List September 18

Thank you for posting the info from all 3 concerts. I have had similar experiences in the past, going to multiple shows in a short time period. I only went to the Mpls show this time around, so really appreciate the set list info from the other shows. While I'm sure it was taxing due to all the driving, I hope you enjoyed your weekend of Lightfoot!

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Old 09-22-2011, 08:47 AM   #3
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Default Re: Duluth, MN - Set List September 18

I note that Char usually comes here to link to most of the relevant Google GORDON LIGHTFOOT Alerts
Hoewever another such alert she apparently decided not to promote sent me to:-
where I read and appreciated a simple review stating what many of us feel about Gord's concerts nowadays
By: Clarice and Tom Peterson, Duluth News Tribune
"Since there was no review in the News Tribune of the Sunday Gordon Lightfoot concert, we thought we would write one.
We realize there were some concert-goers disappointed in the show. They came expecting to see a man from 20 or 30 years ago. Instead, they were witness to someone in his 70s. Gordon Lightfoot may not have the voice of yesteryear, but thatís not why we go to his concerts these days.
I challenge anyone who doesnít get him to go online and listen to his earlier works. His amazing songwriting, guitar playing and singing over his career is unmatched. Even Bob Dylan calls Gordon Lightfoot one of his favorite songwriters.
When we attend one of his concerts, we are happy to have the chance to show our appreciation for the creative man he is and to express to him how his music has enriched our lives.
In one of his more recent songs, he sings, "I am just a painter passing through in history." These words reflect the way his music has colored our world for the better, and we are honored to have spent an evening with him.
Clarice and Tom Peterson
I especially liked the very apt words about coloUring our lives for the better as any great painter who passes through them should!!
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Old 09-22-2011, 10:40 AM   #4
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Default Re: Duluth, MN - Set List September 18

Hadn't got to it yet!! Real life gets in the way occasionally! lol
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