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DJ in MJ
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Rock star status for Ron Sexsmith
By MIKE BELL - Calgary Sun

To some people, Ron Sexsmith is a rock star. Actually, to rock stars, Ron Sexsmith is a rock star.

Especially in the Canadian music industry -- the brilliant singer-songwriter is looked up to in something approaching awe by the younger crew of Canuck talent such as Sam Roberts and Feist.

"They all make me feel like I'm a -- I don't know how to describe it," the always humble Sexsmith says from his T.O. home. "Everyone's really supportive of what I do, and they make me feel like I'm the old guard or something ...

"But I'm always surprised when people come up and they know my music or they say they're fans or whatever because I'm always clued out about that stuff.

"I just assume that because I'm still relatively unknown to the masses that these people probably don't know my stuff either."

Sexsmith's last album Retriever went a step or two farther in getting his name out to the music-buying masses.

For the first time in his lengthy career, Canadian radio actually embraced some of the upbeat, poppier fare.

Add to that his Juno win for songwriter of the year, and it was another move towards the fame he deserves.

"With each record I always felt that I've moved a few notches forward," he admits.

"I've just been really lucky that through it all I've had a solid fanbase -- and that was enough for me to keep going."

Sexsmith is all ready to get started recording the followup -- he'll hit the studio after his folk fest appearance this weekend including a mainstage show tomorrow.

And while he won't preview any of those songs for the folk faithful, he will treat us to some new material.

Sexsmith recently recorded an album with Don Kerr called Destination Unknown.

Set for an August release, it features music he compares to the Everly Brothers, with no electrics but gorgeous harmonies.

"We originally thought we'd just sell it from the stage," he says. "And then we got wind that a lot of labels wanted to get involved and put it out."

So I guess it is true -- everyone wants a piece of you when you're a rock star.
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