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Default Re: Madison, WI-Capitol Theatre-Mar.22-2014

Hi - I got my ticket a few hours before the show, so I was ecstatic that I got 9th row center. Had the lovely feeling that Gord was looking at me a number of times, but then, like with every great performer, I'm sure everyone thought that I had seen him the Saturday before in St. Charles and this hall's acoustics were so much better and I could hear his voice so much more clearly. It was a completely last minute decision to go on my part, thanks to a dear man on Gord's Fan facebook page who said, GO! So, I did - hopped in the car, drove alone for the 2.5 hours, listening to Shadows, enjoying every minute of that (repeat, repeat). I was lucky enough to meet him after by the backstage door, so that 2.5 hour drive was more of a float home Happy, happy girl! Where were you seated?
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