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Default Re: Gordon Lightfoot Biography

oh, i still haven't read that review but i guess i've become interested...Amazon? i think the thread about the book is great...lots of excerpts and comments from both sides, plus fence sitters ...i dont know how the term Bio and this book seem to keep surfacing... there is SO much info about him and his life at this site and other web places... i think we already have it, just needs to be condensed... or in HIS own words

i would read char / gord relationship book! ... it's about real encounters and perhaps have the stuff you respectfully wouldn't share online (or even face to face) over the years likely wouldn't divulge in a book either, out of respect for your friend and a revered national icon ...or regurgitate all the 'stuff' one more time, for old times sake

then there is your relationship with him before you even met him (the concerts as a teen, the music)...and it's so universal how women (and men) can relate to that stuff

again, the promo i read from DB, was that he and Gord had a spiritual bond and that was their connection... DB said he had gone through similar experiences as Gord, the substance stuff, etc, etc.... I am not interested in reading more factual or speculative text about Gord's "out of control" period ...and no interest at all in DB's ... and any creative similarities? they both used various stimulants to fuel their art... that's unique? i think the book writing process may have had some therapeutic positives for DB, and if that's the case, terrific... if Gord has acknowledge him since, or "done dinner" and that also helps, even better.... regarding the Wreck cover version, we all hear Gord say that he hasn't heard a cover he didn't like... so based on that and a few positive responses (including Bill, a songwriter himself), dray7austin, you might want to buy the Rheostatic track (or album) and the book... and if so, don't come back looking for me, lol
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