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Default Re: Gordon Lightfoot Biography

Originally Posted by vlmagee View Post
It isn't a biography, and isn't meant to be, but I thought it was a good book. People knock it for not being something it isn't intended to be!
that's funny.... here is a direct quote from DB that leads you to think that was somewhat what it was intended to be:

"One of the reasons I wanted to write about Gord was because I feared his amazing story would not get told"

dray7austin, you should check out some of the excerpts that char shared in the Book thread (I revived it..well, YOU did, lol) found here... she pasted some non-Gord segments that I think will give you a good flavour as to whether you like the style and/or content ...many non Canadians wouldnt know what Mariposa is, or who Trudeau or the FLQ were, or what hockey is and if that's of interest, then I dont see why you wouldn't give it a chance and take the Gord bits as an entertaining bonus... but there are better ways to whet your Bio appetite (how about browsing the wealth of info here, or the other thorough GL websites out there...see Links section on Home page here)... cheers! J
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