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Default Gordon Lightfoot Biography

I was just wondering why after 51 years on The Carefree Highway there is not one true definitive Biography on Gordon? I realize there are maybe three books that somewhat mention Gordon. Books by Maynard Collins, Dave Bidini and one earlier piece. But I've always been advised against these. Although I would like to read Dave Bidini's just to get the flavor of the Mariposa Folk Festival during the early 70s as well as the political climate in Canada at the time because that does peak my interest. But look how many books that Bob Dylan has written about him. Even Gram Parsons whose career was but a fraction of Gordon's has more books written about him than actual recorded albums he cut. I do feel blessed that we do have Gordon's music and maybe I should be content with that. But I was just wondering why there isn't one or if there is one in the works? Should I also stay away from the Dave Bidini book as I have read the non flattering Amazon reviews of it? Thanks!

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