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Default Hamilton report-Hamilton Place-April 2010

Gordon Lightfoot
Hamilton Place, Hamilton, Ontario
Wednesday April 14, 2010

After an afternoon of trains and automobiles Lisa and I arrived in Hamilton 40 minutes before the 8 p.m. concert start. We were met at the GO train station by Dan and Nanci two had arrived an hour earlier. It was a beautiful evening as we headed to Hamilton Place. I hadn’t been back there since the concerts Lightfoot gave as fundraisers back in November 2004.
We then met up with Brian who was already in his seat waiting for the show to start. In the lobby the beautiful bronze “Lightfoot Bust” was on display and the sculptor was also in attendance.
The lights went down and the band took their positions as Lightfoot strode to his mic. The sound system was wonderful and his voice was clear and audible.


1. Triangle
2. Did She Mention My Name
3. 14 K Gold
4. Never Too Close
5. A Painter Passing Through
6. Let It Ride
7. Spanish Moss
8. Shadows
9. Beautiful
10. Carefree Highway
11. Cotton Jenney
12. Ribbon of Darkness – several audience members chimed in with “over me” just before he led into the next song. He seemed quite pleased!
13. Sundown – after Sundown he mentioned the bronze sculpture in the lobby and that Gino had photographed him 87 different ways while sitting on a turntable.
14. Hangdog Hotel – He told about spending two days at the house with Jerry Jeff Walker and Doug Kershaw and partying while they waited for Kershaw’s fiddle to be fixed. The kids and wife were in Sweden at the time.
15. Alberta Bound
16. The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald
17. Ringneck Loon – He asked “why the hell would I write a song about that.
18. Don Quixote
19. Fine As Fine Can Be
20. In My Fashion
21. Home From The Forest – he mentioned that the previous night in Peterborough Ronnie Hawkins was at the show.
22. If You Could Read My Mind – ok – this was perfection.
23. Baby step Back
24. Restless
25. Canadian Railroad Trilogy – he did this for Dr. M and his wife. (Dr. Maracaccio)
26. Song For A Winter’s Night


27. Blackberry Wine

This concert was full of energy for all concerned, band, audience and Lightfoot. He had a few moments of trouble at the beginning of CRT but then sailed right through it. I was very glad he did Home From The Forest Again so Dan, Nanci and Brian could hear it too.
During the intermission I met Vera! She somehow spotted me and came to say hi! It was wonderful to meet her and hear her travel stories. She’s having quite an adventure and I am highly envious! I asked her to check in when she can but she’s so busy I don’t know if that will happen! Safe travels Vera!!
Pics (some taken by Dan)
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