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Default Re: Falling/Fallen Leaves

Originally Posted by RM View Post
Er uhmm......I believe 'leaves' should be included in any example. 'Falling' alone, falls short of the criteria.
Ron I think the rules/criteria are very open to interpretation.
You took it that "songs in which the above words can be found" meant include more than a single word. I could equally validly make a case that a song must include every one of the three words presented not just one as I assumed or two as you did.
If one is aceptable then our hero's Leaves of Grass qualifies also
anyway I threatened/promised some pix
first a windows wallpaper pic that comes with XP

we are now awaiting the deluge from a rather lovely and large tree in our back yard. colloquially known as an "itchy ball" tree from the hedgehog like fruit that pepper the grass under it all year round

in fact it is a
SWEETGUM, also called Liquidamber, is often planted
as a shade tree because of brilliant fall coloring in its
foliage. It is a tall, straight tree of low, moist places. Its
short, gray, horizontal branches bear thick twigs with
corky ridges. The star-shaped leaves are somewhat like
those of Maple but grow alternate on the twigs. The hang-
ing, dry fruit, a ball covered with tiny horns, opens to
release small winged seeds, which are eaten by birds.
The bark is thick, gray, and scaly.
The Soft Weak Brownish wood is
usded for furniture,cabinetwork,and
height 80 to 120 ft.
Witch Hazel family
I also found
"Sugar gum ( Eucalyptus cladocalyx ) is a hardy tree, commonly planted on farms in western Victoria and South Australia."

whatever the falling leaves really do rival the maple (we have a pair of small maples too but their autumn leaves are no contest for the gum tree.First a picture fom 2004 of the mass of leaves awaiting collection (actually I use a small 150MPH electric blower for this)

Here endeth today's nature lesson kids
In 2004 I scanned a number of interestingly coloured leaves but I actually went out this morning and collected some fresh samples so I'll be back with more
"Sir" John Fowles Bt
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