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I brought a pile of PAL VHS video tapest here in 2000 (I have a brilliant digital PAL to NTSC Converter and 3 PAL VCR's ( why 3? you may well ask! Well one is an old Betamax, two are VHS one with stereo the other can play NTSC tapes though my PAL 10 inch Television., which is very useful because I know that I can sling any VHS tape I find around the house into it and I know that that VCR will play it)
My set up also means that if I take the trouble to connect everything all together I can still watch my old tapes and if required convert them,(I have bought a few more PAL VHS movies on ebay UK of late).
Anyway somewhere amongst that pile is a tape onto which I saved many music videos, and one is an exceedingly sweet recording made from a repeat of a 1976 "Old Grey Whistle Test" of Janis's "At Seventeen”
Whilst a certain method was available to acquire music videos I managed to find an mpg file of it but somehow I mislaid it.
I was therefore most pleased to find it again albeit in the flash video (*.flv) format at
I have now converted it to mpg format (so that I can play it using my preferred Windows Media Player
And here is a screenshot from my computer monitor

Janis's quiet and personal introduction is very moving.
For a while,I think after I had installed some format conversion software,I was able to watch the original highly compressed flv files in WMP,indicating that one of the programs had supplied a suitable codec, then it stopped and I now need that codec to preview tbe original flv files before converting them to either the Video CD (VCD) MPEG-1 format or the DVD standard MPEG-2, but after many googles I am not finding one.
Once I get this sorted out I can complete my planned tutorial as started at:-;f=2;t=001221
I have found a literally super video conversion freeware program
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