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Default Re: TORONTO SUN-HOT DOCS-Lightfoot interview-Apr.4-2019

IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND - GORDON LIGHTFOOT documentary. NO SPOILERS at this time ... but what an EPIC night for our Canadian legend and all in attendance...the doc and after party were marvellous.

I'm just getting my thoughts together because it was a lot to take in and the emotional overload had me awake almost all night re-living the previous several hours. Martha and Joan really captured the life and times of a very complex man and his 80 years on this planet..Most of them spent perfecting his extraordinary talents and sharing them so generously with the world. I had so many emotions as the doc played - there were laughs, I teared up many times, saw some wonderful old footage, loved hearing a very candid Gordon and Kim, a few surprises !! and of course, music, always the music. Overall it was a beautifully done piece, great edits and storytelling.

A few things were missing but that is always the case in any attempt at putting a life such as Gordon's into a 90 minute movie.. The after party saw Gordon really, really having a great time, relaxed and enjoying himself, talking with people and loving the different musical artists who performed. Rick, Barry and Michael were in attendance with their partners and all the band, including Carter had some moments in the doc as well. It was a treat to spend some time with them and enjoy something that had them be such an integral part of all these years.

I am SO thankful I was given tickets to attend such a momentous "Lightfoot" moment in time. I was given another ticket so will be back in Toronto on Tuesday to see it again!! - this time I will breathe and try not to cry.

It was an EPIC night and I got a new photo of The Man when I had a few minutes with him. There are no photos or video of the actual documentary but I do have video and photos from the Q @ A and after party.

No set plans to release the doc in DVD form and no news about TV broadcasting anywhere but Canada for the time being.

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