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Default Re: Wrong Song Titles!

A few thoughts - #1. I don't think of Gordon as a country singer (not that there's anything wrong about being one). Some of the songs of his repertoire have a bit of a country "feel," but I don't think that applies to most of them. #2. IMHO, Gordon is usually pretty clear in his lyrics when he sings his songs, but I must admit that when I heard "Carefree Highway" for the first few times, I thought he was singing "Every Highway." I was student teaching during the fall of 1974 (early September - mid December), so I must have missed the time frame when "Carefree Highway" charted as a hit single, as I wasn't really listening intently to the radio back then. It wasn't until mid 1976 that I became familiar with the song through one of Philadelphia's local FM radio stations that played a number of his songs (including my now all time favorite "Circle of Steel"). I didn't buy the "Sundown" album until early 1977, after getting "Gord's Gold" & "Summertime Dream" in the fall of 1976. #3. I am delighted to see "Daylight Katy" on this list (part of my top 5 GL songs)! #4. How weird to read the word "discharged" in this article. I guess it means "released" here.


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