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Default Re: "If It Should Please You" and "Calling Elvis"

Interesting and amazing RDM
I have the vinyl album On Every Street with Calling Elvis on but had never spotted that particular similarity.
However that is by no means the only evidence of Lightfoot's influence on Mark Knopfler on that final Dire Straits album (On Every Street)
I did once record (back in the old days using a turntable hooked into my computer) back to back the instrumental breaks on another track on that album, (which was also the last vinyl LP I ever bought),together with the break on another Lightfoot song and you really could not tell where the join was. at the time of writing this I cannot recall either of the two songs in question, but will shortly try to retrace my thoughts and if I can replicate the recording I'll upload it and post a link.
(I now have On Every Street on DVD, so once I identify the two songs I will use Audacity to cut and paste to create the replica of my long lost earlier effort
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