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Everybody knows that if there is double meaning to be found in a song from that era, it is about drugs, not sex... maybe sex that was the result of drugs.
As for misheard lyrics, I believed for some time (until I looked up the written lyrics online) that the line in "Bitter Green" "Kneeling in the churchyard in the autumn mist" was actually "Long inside the churchyard, he lies there in the mist". I think I was trying to make it sound more like the earlier line "Lost upon the ocean he died there in the mist". Also, I'm not entirely this song is a love song in the traditional sense. Yes, I know it mentions the words "kiss" and "hand", but the loyally waiting for her master bit, and the idea that the hero of the song may or may not be a sailor? That's Odysseus and Argos, right? This song is about dog, isn't it?
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