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Default Re: NEW album - 'SOLO' -LISTEN to SONG - Gord & guitar only - MARCH 20,2020

JANUARY 24, 2020 11:03AM ET
Gordon Lightfoot Announces First New Album in 16 Years, ‘Solo’
Canadian singer-songwriter unveils “Oh So Sweet” from upcoming LP, a collection of rediscovered tracks he recorded accompanied only by his guitar.

Gordon Lightfoot will release his first album of new material in more than 15 years this March with Solo, featuring a collection of music the Canadian singer-songwriter recorded in the studio accompanied only by his guitar.
Lightfoot heralded the upcoming March 20th release of Solo with the album’s opening track and first single “Oh So Sweet.”

The legendary songwriter, who last released Harmony in 2004, found Solo’s material tucked away in his office in his Toronto home; the two discs of material were recorded in late 2001 and early 2002, just before Lightfoot suffered a near-fatal abdominal aortic aneurysm. After rediscovering the songs, Lightfoot entered Hamilton, Ontario’s Grant Avenue Studio to rerecord the tracks with only his guitar.
“I thought my fans would be interested in hearing what songs sound like when first written,” Lightfoot said of solo in a statement.
Following Lightfoot’s 80th birthday in 2019, Rolling Stone visited the singer backstage prior to a performance at New York’s Town Hall, where Lightfoot reminisced about his career and legacy. “We’ve got songs that register well with the crowd, like ‘Read My Mind’ and ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Don Quixote.’ They’re all tunes that just move along and have a forward momentum, which is what I look for in my writing,” Lightfoot said. “Forward momentum.”

Solo Tracklist
1. “Oh So Sweet”
2. “E-Motion”
3. “Better Off”
4. “Return Into Dust”
5. “Do You Walk, Do You Talk”
6. “Just a Little Bit”
7. “Easy Flo”
8. “Dreamdrift”
9. “The Laughter We Seek”
10. “Why Not Give It a Try”
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