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Default Re: Bill Hall's new Album with proceeds donated to St. Jude Cchildren's Hospital

Originally Posted by jj View Post
congratulations on this creative achievement, overflowing with talent and heart

what a fine cause...folks, it took me about 15 minutes and 0 pain to become part of our national registry, which i'm sure interfaces with global databases

as Ron, said, this deserves a full listen but the 3 sound bites were delicious

other than reflections of extreme heart break, i trust you are quite well, Bill!

i hope to cross paths again sometime this decade (what decade is this? the teens?)

Thank you so very much Jim. I appreciate it so much my friend. Bone marrow registration if simple and painless and it really does add to the chances of saving a life of a person with a blood disease every time someone registers.
I have attached a recent live video of one of the songs from my Album. Thanks Guys and happy holiday weekend. - Bill

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