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The original,"boring"????? Why,you rotten rubber duck!

Not you Violet. As long as I've been around,I willl never understand what makes younger people have this aversion to things that existed before their time. If a movie's not in color and if the people in it aren't doing something exciting in every frame,it's boring.

If the music is before their generation it's old geeezer music or old school. I'm not saying "all" young people are like that but quite a few. I know it could be their lack of understanding things or comprhending there was a world and times that existed before they did.

All I know is,when I was younger I gave everthing a listen,a viewing or what have you before I liked it or not. That would be more than once of course. I can only hope somewhere down the line DMD3 comes back to this film and sees what a true classic it is.
If it wasn't,they wouldn't show it as much as they do. They shouldn't have colorized it though,it doesn't make the film any better than it already is.

It's been me,Aurevoir!

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