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Interesting choice Shazia! In my own opinion though,it's Charlton Heston that's bad in the film and not necessarily the movie itself!

Here's more from me! Divine intervention by heaven's angels alters the lives of two people! Yep that's the plotline in 1983's "Two Of A Kind" with John Travolta (that and most of his 80s movies!) & Olivia Newton John (3 years after the disaster of 1980's Xanadu!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
In which she played a Mythological Greek Muse who comes to life and helps a young man realize his dream of...opening a roller-disco club?????

"Can't Stop The Music" A 1980
disco musical w/The Village People! Featuring actor/athlete Bruce Jenner! Mis-Directed by Nancy Walker (also known as The Bounty paper towel quicker picker upper lady!
What was everyone "on" when they conceived this devious plot?!

We now go from really bad to really boring!
2000's:"Isn't She Great" starring Bette Midler as the woman who wrote the infamous 60s book & movie,"The Valley Of The Dolls!"
This should be an interesting biopic but it's just a mediocre bore! Just rent it (I dare you!) and you'll see what I mean!

Also on the boring front,Jerry Lewis's last slapstick comedy outing,1981's,"Hardly Working" where he plays a guy who constantly gets fired because of his ineptness! OH! Ha-ha-ha-ha...not! Not just the plot but his brand of comedy by that time had become outdated. The film also just doesn't have an energy or excitment to it. "AND I PAID TO SEE IT????!!" Yaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! It's been me,Aurevoir and the balcony's closed!

Borderstone,gonna post some lines tonight!

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