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If John Wayne was alive today he'd be pushing age 100! Besides that,some of his views would not sit to well with most people if he had run for Pres. ,,then again,he would've been better than Ron "Jelly!!! Bean" Reagan!

Gaby! I'm with you on Katharine Hepburn! Yeah,I own a copy of Rooster Cogburn and it seems to me it should have been called,"My Dinner With Katy"! Long before they catch up with the bad guys who shot her father,they do nothing but converse with eachother. I'm not much for John Wayne but to watch him in this,I can understand why he played "gung-ho" type guys! Along with that one,I've seen all but about 8 or 9 of her films. I've only heard the worst one is,"Break Of Hearts" and given a dumb title like that,I wouldn't be surprised!

Just like I got into GL in 2001,I also discovered (and in some cases re-discovered) Hepburn films. I can honestly say,sometimes,I'd rather watch her acting than a lot of today's actresses.

Kate Hep. was down to earth and didn't fold under pressure from the big studio brass to be more feminine. In other words pose for publicity in gowns and other so-called lady-like attire.

Also,with the exception of Spencer Tracy,with whom she truly shared the screen,she was the main overall focus of her films and even had the bravery to speak her own real life views within the film. "State Of The Union" is the best example of that! She was the first woman not to play weaker or dumber to her male lead.

She once admitted in an interview,"I know I'm not pretty." Maybe not,but at least she was herself in a time where just about every actress had to put on a "show" 24 hours a day. I'm still sad that she didn't make it to 100. She'd have been 97 this May 12th. Been me,later!

Borderstone,gonna post some lines tonight!

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