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After reading all the above, and bringing to mind your contradictory paradigm's when u attempt to apply them, I get one repeating feeling. You *REALLY* know how to make it happen. What's worse , you seem to enjoy it. And that is in the John Wayne sense, Gord sings of in WFY's "Drink Yer Glasses Empty" . JUST when I think I get you, you display inconsistencies that defy logic. Marc meant that as a COMPLIMENT regarding the song Watchman.
Yet, again, you find what I auspect most chose to overlook or simply knew what he meant, and that was a *minute* fallacy in logic with the strict definition of miracle. My impression is Marc meant it in the context of "an amazing thing" it did not go top 10, as a compliment. You are one intolerant nitpicker Watchman. This I say right on the heels of a charitable response I made to you in small talk a minute ago : YET ANOTHER display of intolerance by u and... YOU have the audacity to pick apart yet another enjoyable posting ( I exclude mine, you have so relentlessly closed your mind to mine, I give up with u ) ? Your quotation references to Knights of the road makes me think of the valient and brave Arthurian priciples espoused so deeply in "Don Quixote" that you miss by many leagues. One last display of tolerance in my mind is this - I DO admire your speaking of praying for Gord during his darkest hours medically. You have the right stuff bangin' around in that confused head of yours, but you lose it in the crepuscular and involute manner in which you belch it out at times. As others have said in other postings of mine you so haughtily have tried to "critique" which humrously implies a position of authority , ( self-appointed or not),
lighten-up friend, and remember the golden rule. Also, whether it is Freudian, Rogerian, or Jungian, or 20 or so other models since, it is generally accepted that one is quickest to point out the errors of other's ways when they are in fact criticizing that which they have the lowest opinion of in themself, or simply stated, criticize others in the areas you fear you are most deficient in yourself. A person with adequate self-esteem has no need to do this on inconsequential, petty matters. You dish it out Watchman ( granted, in between good postings of yours) but fall apart when it is pointed out in you.

p.s. my apologies to others for the length to which I went here, especially when I have unfailingly espoused tolerance, but this person has dogged me relentlessly to the point of inevitable seismic eruption. Watchman you are a Knight "ERR"ant. That which you want to be and profess to be ,is indeed admirable, and I wish you luck. BTW u got it right in smalltalk - "good GOD man, good GOD". Think a little about that one and let us start with ourselves before criticizing others. Too serious they/I are ? "j/k" and "no offense" don't cut the rope any longer guy, u need to learn some manners, son. Shall we try again ? - Peace.
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