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OK Steve I idly wondered if that quote appears as an internet archive anywhere so I googled for "Folk muzak" found no less
than 394,000 results then searched within for lightfoot and found both:-
"Its the Muzak approach to broadcasting. I don't much care about the hits of the 60's, 70's & 80's or care about how they
approach broadcasting that stuff but to me folk music is human and personal and I miss hearing some intelligent or whimsical
introductions to the songs. I want to know about whom I am listening to. Folk Muzak ain't what I want to hear."and:-
which compares a Grateful Dead song to Neil Young
"which is definitely not folk muzak, nor jazz; tho’ influenced by both"
John Fowles
everything has its place Muzak is fine for elevators (UK lifts)
and I get quite a kick hearing Gord very occasionally in our supermarket and The Home Depot
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