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Just when the original thread seems to have run its course and the waters were safe again, I remembered the following. Please... remember not to shoot the messenger.

As knowledgable as you all are, I am sure this is not new, but I am surprised I didn't remember it sooner, nor did anyone bring it up. Its to close to blaspheme.

Does anyone else remember when some critic *pundit* called Gord's music "folk Muzak" ? I was INCENSED when I read it, truly. Oh my G** this will send sparks.

Let it be known clearly I vehemently disagree. While it is not a given that GL music is all our favourite, but we do all appreciate it, regulars that is, I believe, it IS my favourite. I was angry when I read this.

It was in the late 70's as I recall, when Gord's music was transitioning so much, and had accomplished so much in his own life it would seem, only to hear this blast. I'll bet he blew it off though. Gord does not strike me at all as a vain man. The writer was just some idiot out there, entitled constitutionally to his/her own opinion and to write of it. pfffffft.

Anyone else remember this, opinions ?
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