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Some nights Gordon has problems with his hands-you'll see him flexing his fingers and shaking his hands..I imagine some of it could be realtewd to the TIA a few years ago and most to just age and fatigue..When he holds a Sharpie and signs many autographs it is reflected in the signatures. Barry and now Warren try to limit the autographs each person gets. There are a couple of guys who seem to be everywhere and have endless amounts of stuff for Gordon to sign. Last year at one show one of them must have had 30 items and had them all laid out on a table and the floor. Warren told him in no short order he could pick 2 and that was all. Then the guy tried to get in line in front of people who were waiting their turn. He was ignorant and rude and obviously only interested in what he could sell things for. A fan such as yourself would never behave that way nor expect Gordon after a long night and many days on the road to stand and sign all kinds of things-especially when there's a crowd waiting for him and then he still has people outside to talk with.
I have a variety of styles of Lightfoot autographs over the years and one that just says To Char, Love Gordon. I said, "Just Gordon?".. he laffed, and looked at me and said "You know who I am!".lol..
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