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Default Re: Gord back at the Keswick!

Sweet Guinevere
The Watchman's Gone
Waiting 4 You
Never Too Close
Let It Ride
Rainy Day People
Carefree Highway
Hangdog Hotel Room
Ribbon of Darkness
Cotton Jenny

The Wreck
Don Q
Clouds of Loneliness
In My Fashion
Minstrel of the Dawn
*Think he was going to do Ringneck Loon but changed his mind???*
Baby Step Back
Song for a Winters Night

Blackberry Wine - encore

The first set was short, but Gord made up for it in the 2nd set. The front half of the theater was packed and the back was about 60% full. We were almost dead center about the middle of the front section. Luckily for us the seats in front of us were empty, so our views were great. Sometimes it's nice to sit farther back so you can see the show as a whole. Recent reviews have mentioned Gord being in great spirits with a twinkle in his eye etc. Last night was no exception, he was in great form. He mentioned heading back home after the show and that his cat was waiting for him lol.

Nine of us met at Athenas for dinner before the show. We had a great time as usual. We'll have to do it again next time. Hopefully Gord will keep the Keswick Theater in the rotation so we don't have to wait almost three years until he comes back again.
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