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Default What will Gord's new songs be about?

Gord said “I have about 14 new songs written and I think the new album will be out in about a year. It’s going to be philosophical, but kind of funny and positive too."

This will be Gord's first album of new material since the songs he wrote just before his near-fatal aneurysm in 2002. And I suspect he will be regarding it as his final album.

Would any Corfid members like to suggest what some of those songs might be about (or what they would like them to be about)?

I suggest there might be songs about his 2002 near-death experience, the 2010 hoax reporting that he had actually died (I can see Gord's sense of humour shining through on this one), a tribute to his inspiring new wife Kim, maybe a song about the corrected findings on the Edmund Fitzgerald sinking and, if we're lucky, a thank-you to the lifelong fans who have bought his albums, attended his concerts and kept the Lightfoot story strong on forums like this.

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