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Originally Posted by Lisa J View Post
Beautiful, Looking at the Rain, Christian Island, Sundown, On Susan's Floor and Too late for Praying are continually rotated into the cd's played in my car. I listen to those songs daily on my way to and from work and I believe I have for at least 15 years. My kids go bonkers trying to figure out how I never get sick of listening to them, but what you said is true. the trouble with this album is that each time you listen, you want to listen again. I am glad to know that someone else feels the same as I do about that album!
My kids wonder the same thing, Lisa. My son Matt has a quirk where he can't listen to the same song twice on a trip, and he attributes that to having to listen to my songs repetitively while he was growing up. I am guilty as charged...

Don Quixote is a great album, and the title song is my all-time favorite Lightfoot tune, because to me it is the quintessential Lightfoot song.

Also, the cover photo isn't bad either
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