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Default Re: Canada/New England, here I come!!

Hi,there,my Hartfort,Conn. days will be over by tomorrow; you wouldn't believe what I've been going through those last few days, trying to figure out how to proceed from here. Have you ever been to the Greyhound website? There was no way they would let me know how to get to Quebec City! I would be willing to assume any time that this is my own inability to surf those sites: but one very computer- and web-savvy person reassured me that this isn't so. Right now I've decided to take a bus up to Boston. I would have loved to go to Cape Cod, rent a bike and see as much as I can on 2 wheels.But I'm afraid I won't get into C.C. to begin with.I really wanted to be outside the big cities for once, but it seems like I' m thrown back on either Boston or Portland. What made me think I'd find public transportation out in the countryside?.(F.ex. I found a very nice hotel up in Bar Habor,Maine: but there isn't any bus going there, except for the summer months.(at least that's what the website says.)Wish me luck; I'll keep you posted. V.
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