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Default 1966 Bootleg concert in Ottawa or The Riverboat???

I found that bootleg CD artwork image recently whilst Google image searching for "bootleg CD srtwork"

and it refers to what was for me one of the most exciting new GL events of the past few years the re-uploading (probably in early 2020) by "mis820" of his/her 2018 "torrent" distribution to (which can only be accessed by signed in members) entitled in full "GORDON LIGHTFOOT - Ottawa, Ontario - January 27, 1966 (sbd) - A special upload in honor of Gordon's 80th Birthday! - samples included"
A comment on th torrent info page made early in 2020 said thoughtfully:-
" I think this actually took place at the Riverboat in Toronto. I can across a mention that he started a two week run at the Riverboat on January 18, 1966, and that presumably would carry him through January 27th. But more importantly, on the recording, at the start of the song "Piddling Pete," he started to describe the story taking place in Toronto, but then said no that's where we're at, and changed it to Ottawa. (Giving the jokey song is about a peeing dog, he's kind of joking about the location.)

So it seems pretty clear to me, since he actually states what city the concert in his during the concert! Also, I think his "Piddling Pete" comment mentioned above explains how someone misunderstood and thought the concert was in Ottawa (though, tellingly, without a specific location).'

By the way, great recording. Thanks for posting it."
The torrent download comprised some i6 top quality "flacs" Free Lossless Audio CODEC format compressed files including the Extra Rare and amusing ditty "Piddling Pete" (author unknown but not our man!0 that I had seen and heard live at my third GL concert at Montreal's Place Des Arts on 7 October 1968 (One of 3 concerts I saw there in 68.69 I wrote down some of the setlist in the concert program booklet.
I am bringing this up because when Google image searching for bootleg CD artwork I stumbled upon an article on a "blog" page entitled:-
"Albums That Should Exist"
Gordon Lightfoot - The Riverboat, Toronto, Canada, 1-27-1966 on

with suitable CD case artwork as diplayed above

In the article the writer shows why he considers it likely that this coocert was at the Riverboat, not some unknown venue in Ottawa that the uploader thought
the setlist ends with a "" download link that no longer functions
I also found
it shows 3 download "mirror" links but only the middle one funcioned for me
(use the free slow download to get the 225.09MB file
thar file of ipped flacs took an hour. I had previously used the more reliable torrent method (getting the torrent control and info file from the listing that I quoted above.BUT you will have to sign up there (it's free) before you can see anything then you can search for currently available torrents
HINT: only search for plain "lightfoot" adding "gordon" only extends the listing to show all torrents featuring a gordon
If you do not know anything about "torrents" read the brilliant analogy on
"Brian's BitTorrent FAQ and Guide at:-
the analogy is completely archived on that page in the section headed "what is Bit Torrent at:-
you will need a program to join in,to find other sharers and control contacting them and downloading.There are a few free programs.
I have found that the best is the tiny (391KB file ) "mutorrent" ("mu"indicates that it is a small program file i.e a micro-file that s usually called simply "utorrent") so find and download the file that is named

utorrent-2-2-1-es-en-win.exe (there are later versions but I prefer that old version (2.2.1) from from that page you can download a zipfile (370 KB)
tht unzips to reveal the 391KB Windows program file (utorrent-2-2-1-es-en-win.exe)
Any pronblem or queries, do please send me a private message
John fowles
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(where Sir does not signify that I am a fully benighted Knight just a Bt which signifies a humble Baronet -?? read the wiki!)
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