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Hi Fezo, I think I did tell jj that I was considering working tabs out. I get a lot of requests for tabs and tutorial videos, or at least I did until I put up a FAQ on my channel.

I wish I had the time - especially to help out my fellow lightheads, but I have too many irons in the fire. I haven't even been able to make a video in more than a year. I have a concert coming up too that I'm trying to prepare for. (I just bought a 12-string and thought I might take a stab at CRT or TWOTEF).

To get you started on the intro though, try fingering an F chord with your left index finger on fret 1 of string six, then - fret one of two with the middle finger, two of three with ring finger, and fret three of four with pinky. Now play a reverse arpeggio with your right hand fingers with this string/finger order: 2-r , 3 - m, 4 - i. To get the base note in on the action, play string 6 with the thumb simultaneously with the beginning of the arpeggio (i.e. when striking string two with r.) (Note that to get it sounding like the intro you have to adjust the rhythm of the arpeggio. Sound string six only once every other arpeggio.)

When you've got that working, try moving to an A-minor while maintaining the arpeggio with the right hand. (The base note played with the thumb should now be string 5 played open.) Once You're solid on both of those, to get the dropped note of the intro (which is a b if uncapoed and a c# if capoed at 2) try releasing the index finger that's holding down 2 at fret 1 after the fifth F arpeggio and then again after the fourth Am arpeggio. Then put it back the next time around. Give that a shot and let me know how it goes. Best of luck,

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