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I might well have mentioned this before on corfid if so apologies
APPT was the very first album that I heard about solely due to the internet, having found that there were indeed surprise surprise websites with references to Gord on the internet when I had first ventured into cyberspace in 1997.
In 1998 I was well primed about APPT thanks to the now sadly neglected and abused Newsgroup that Wayne Fancis had created
see my Newsgroup history web page at:-
One day In May (but it may have been June) I found myself spending the day installing a flue system on a new office building very near to London Airport Heathrow ( I had access to the rooftop and was able to watch aircraft taking off)
Late in the afternoon once the job was finished I phoned the HMV store on Oxford Street and was inordinately surprised and pleased to be told that yes they had a single copy of the APPT CD in stock.I asked them to put it aside for me and set off on the 15 or so mile drive into Central London.
I managed to park a few minutes walk from the store and dashed in rushing up to the second floor as I recall .When I asked for the CD I was told sorry we do not have it but after some persuasion the assistant went in search and found the put side copy.
I did not have a CD player in my car at that time so had to wait until I reached home a couple of hours later to play it.
I was not too surprised to feel disappointed in what I heard but contented myself with the thought that that had been a common reaction to almost all new GL albums over the years and that as I had become more familiar with each new album it would usually grow on me.However 13 years later I have to say that there are 4 or 5 tracks that do little for me so APPT is probably my least favoUrite GL album
as for "what was missed" how about a piece of string of undetermined length for starters?
seriously any number of unreleased songs that had been outtakes from previous albums etc
Acoording to Wayne's Album Recording Notes there was just the one outtake on APPT
"Sometimes Hearts Have To Wait"
which sounds suspiciously like the title of one of those soppy movies made purely to be shown on the US Hallmark television channel!!
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