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Default Re: At 77, Gordon Lightfoot still on the road, singing his enduring songs

This is obviously a local newspaper'article prompted by the upcoming concert in Lincoln NE,and it has in turn prompted me to dig out the artwork for an earlier bootleg recording at the same venue
Note that "Corner of the House" is in fact the unreleased third new song of that era actually called "NightTime" (the other two ("The No Hotel" and "Shellfish") made it onto the Harmony CD in 2004 as live recordings from Massey Hall in 2001).
I have never understood why the 2001 Massey Nightime did not make it onto Harmony there was certainly room for it

13 or 14 of the songs on that setlist will probably be featured on the28th!!

Another 2001 bootleg Nighttime is on YouTube

I meant no one no harm

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