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Default a search for the most 'unusual' cover versions

this isn't meant to ridicule any good fan of Gord music who is attempting to publish their go at one of his tunes, but I would like to know if any have stumbled upon some of the interesting, and sometime very odd, stuff out 'there'?

please share if so...

as an eg)

i'd say some of the Ron Lindeman passionate renditions very interesting, and good

how about the cute girl in this one...someone should give her the signal when it's time for the "bells" ....the festive vocals start up abut one minute in

that's a happy crowd (a SFAWN clap-a-long, lol) and it's great to know that Gord's music is being enjoyed internationally

what country was that in?

now this one is in the odd category, imo....Gord deserves better, women too

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