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Funny thing is my 20 year old daughter has started learning some real Italian cooking from a friend's mother and is the one that brought gravy back into the vocabulary.

My grandmother had one of those Italian gardens. My grandfather had died before I was born. Grandma would still lift huge rocks at 80 if one was in the way of what she wanted to do. I was going to get that recipe for meatballs and gravy but asked too late. She lived another year and a half after I asked but she wasn't feeling well at all and retired her kitchen work.

I had an uncle who claimed to know it exactly. Funny thing was if I was just hanging around relaxed he'd spell it out in great detail but if I got a piece of paper and a pen so I could write it down he'd change the subject. I know one of the secrets in the sauce was putting a pork chop in it early in the week. By the time you served it the pork chop had completely dissolved in the sauce. you couldn't see it but you knew it had been there.
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