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Default Re: June 11th St. Louis Concert (Sheldon Concert Hall)

I was waiting for someone to give the set list as I (for maybe the first time in 15 or so years) didn't feel like writing it down. I was in the second row center right in front of the mike about 8-10 feet from Gord. Best seat I've had in years.

Thanks for the set list Tim. I think I met you and your son in KC or Aurora IL several years ago. We've been at several of the same shows over the years, I know that.

A few observations...The elusive pick was never found. I don't think it was in the guitar, as Gord shook it vigorously. People were still looking for it after the show. I, and the people in the first row center were close enough to actually chat with Gord during the show. The guy in front of me had asked Gord to play Cherokee Bend at some point (short discussion followed) and he also started shouting "Best song ever!" after they did the Wreck.

Anyway, while looking for the pick Gord says "I was getting ready to give that pick away, now I can't find it." I said, "I'd love to have it." He looks right at me and says, "I was gonna give it to you." My reply, "Story of my life".

A back up pick is used to do Early Morning Rain and they leave the stage to a standing ovation and a quick break before the encore. When they come back, Gord hands the "Best Song Ever" guy a pick and says, "See, I told you I was gonna give you a pick." He showed it to me after the show. It's an Ultra Cool curved triangular .6 mm pick with a "grippy" surface.

Tim, I remember hearing someone say "I've got a pick" and then bring it to the stage where it was deemed not needed. That's cool that it was your son. That whole episode was quite amusing. Several years ago, again in a first or second row seat, I watched as Gord's pick fluttered to the stage floor. My eyes followed it and when I looked back up, Gord was strumming away with a new pick so I thought I was imagining things. At intermission my friend told me that he had pulled one out of his pocket and just kept going. Last night, he got one off the stool where his water bottle was.

He never mentioned the St. Louis Cardinals (I think his uncle had been a long time fan), something that came up a few nights earlier in Milwaukee. (See Milw. setlist and review for mention.) Weird that he mentioned it in Milwaukee but not St. Louis. I did expect the shout out to the Blues though and was not disappointed. Said he thinks they've been to St. Louis 12 times over the years.

It was a treat for me to hear Too Many Clues and Sweet Guinevere as I don't think I'd ever heard either of them live, even back in the day.

The people around me were astounded to hear that I've seen Gord around 40 times at various places in the midwest. The middle-aged guy next to me had never seen him til last night.

If you got this far, thanks for reading. I do tend to ramble.

Best regards to all the Gordie fans,
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