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Default June 11th St. Louis Concert (Sheldon Concert Hall)

Hello everybody!

Gordon and the guys put on a great show Tuesday night, June 11th. The venue is an historic site in St. Louis. It seats about 800 which makes for a very intimate concert setting. I saw him there about 3 years ago as well. Here is the set list and a few observations:

Waiting for You
Watchman's Gone
Too Many Clues in This Room
Never Too Close
Don Quixote
A Painter Passing Through
Much to My Surprise
Cold on the Shoulder
Sweet Guinevere
Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Carefree Highway


Cotton Jenny
Ribbon of Darkness
I'd Rather Press On
14 Karat Gold
Minstrel of the Dawn
Let It Ride
If You Could Read My Mind
Baby Step Back
Early Morning Rain

Rainy Day People

Overall, a great show. The concert was sold out. I attended with my wife and son Tim. They sat in the second row and I had a great balcony seat, first row, center. Gordon's voice sounded good, I noticed he is hitting more of the high notes these days -- maybe a benefit from quitting smoking. His acoustic guitar picking also sounded strong. He also wished the St. Louis Blues well as they were going to be playing the Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup the next night, the crowd appreciated that as the entire city is abuzz with the Blues' run at the Stanley Cup, particularly since they were at the bottom of the NHL standings in January. The crowd, throughout the show, was very appreciative. During the expected extended standing ovation that followed IYCRMM Gord said he must have played that song at least 3000 times and it feels different EVERY time.

One last observation -- near the end of Baby Step Back I noticed that Gord dropped his guitar pick. He finished the song flawlessly and then started searching the floor for his pick. This search went on for at least 2 minutes. Rick even came up and helped him scour the floor for it. The audience laughter added to the moment. Then, I noticed a young man approach the stage offering him a guitar pick. That young man happened to be my son! Young Tim said afterward that it would have been quite a moment for Gordon to have used his pick for a song. But, he was waved off by Carter as he tried to offer it up. Tim said afterward, "I'm sure Gordon takes a large supply of picks on his tours." Gordon eventually came up with a replacement pick having never found the one he dropped. I think later he discovered that he dropped it inside the sound hole of his Martin D-28 acoustic. It just made for an enjoyable few minutes which everyone seemed to enjoy, including Gordon.

A great show overall and was glad to be there.

Take Care everyone.

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