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Default Re: Favourite Song on "Solo" Album

My CD of "Solo" arrived a week ago with an "80 Years Strong" t-shirt which is several sizes too small (because I didn't realise there was a drop-down size menu!)

My favourite songs on it are "E-motion" and "Return Into Dust". The melody of "E-motion" reminds me of 1986's "A Lesson In Love". (And "Oh So Sweet" reminds me of 2004 song "Harmony", but not because of the melody.)

I enjoyed the guitar work and the absence of backing musicians makes it stand out more. Knowing what a perfectionist Gord has been over the decades, it is different hearing some less-than-perfect guitar notes (and whistling), but understandable knowing these were demo tapes not recorded for public release and at 81 Gord has priorities other than re-recording those parts.

I wonder what happened to the "turtle" song Gord said would be on the album when Alec Baldwin interviewed him ...
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