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Default Re: Neil Diamond Retirement

Originally Posted by Lisa J View Post
i try to never miss a Gordon Lightfoot concert if it is a venue near me. Every time I go, I wonder if it will be the last chance I get, so I always go. Last summer I saw Neil Diamond for the first time. I went with my husband, and my daughter, Caroline. She was thrilled that after an incredible 2 hour concert, Neil sang Sweet Caroline to close the concert. I am saddened that he is ill, and that he can no longer perform. I dread the day that Gordon finds himself in the same position. Until then, I go, and I cherish each song that he sings.
Saw Paul McCartney last September live at the Carrier Dome, me and 35,000 of my closest friends lol. Fabulous hotter than blazes show and night, three solid hours of nonstop performing (literally set the Dome on fire with pyrotechnics from Live and Let Die.) He's the Energizer Bunny of performers and at 77is still providing great entertainment. I suspect like Tony Bennett he'll die with his boots on (Paul that is) and it wouldn't surprise me if Gord does the same. He may scale back but as long as he's got the fortitude and an audience he will keep plugging along. I have an uncle who will be 90 in May and doesn't look a day over 65, still driving from NY to Florida and back every winter. Hope I got the same genes.
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