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Default Re: Neil Diamond Retirement

Originally Posted by Borderstone View Post
One thing is certain with me. I'm an avid listener aka fan of all the people mentioned here and even though it's only retiring, it is no less kind of a melancholy or borderline sad thing.

I'm an '80s teen but I like these artists even more than the ones I liked in that decade. Mainly because their music was honest and from the heart and just outright emotionally touching and simply beautiful, wonderful and any other positive adjectives.

A lot o the acts of my teens have in the past few years, suddenly passed on at too young an age. The acts in question here may be aging but they haven't exited unexpectedly early either.

So, I hardly feel that any singer or band, that would retire after 50+ years of touring, would not be considered 'a big deal'. Sorry if we can't take it as 'matter of simple fact' Touhy, but Gordon means a lot to all of us here, as well as these other singers we're talking about.

I'm already and still so bummed about some of my fave 80s acts being gone, i sometimes just can't listen to their music,.
It's amazing you're allowing that to affect your enjoyment of them.
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