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Default Re: Neil Diamond Retirement

With his retirement I think he is smart to protect his health. The stress on his body would probably speed up symptoms so he's doing what he needs to. I saw him a few times and always came away thrilled with his performance. A true showman and profound songwriter.
Now Paul Simon and Elton John have announced their retirement.. I never saw Paul Simon but did see Art Garfunkel and was brought to tears at the beauty of his voice.. I saw Elton with Billy Joel years ago and it was a great show. I've seen Billy many times over the years too..It won't surprise me if Kristofferson stops touring soon altho he doesn't set out on such a severe schedule as Gordon does. Jimmy Buffett (worth over 500 million) is still out almost continually and James Taylor is too.. The Eagles are out with Vince Gill in the band and from the videos I have seen he is a wonderful addition. There's still so many of the 70's era bands and artists of all ilks out still getting full houses and playing the tunes we love...

And I, like Lisa, try to see Gordon whenever I can because you never know when the opportunities will stop. A day I do not look forward to at all...
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